Why Buy Midorie Plants?

Q. Why Buy Soilless Midorie Plants? How do they compare to other alternatives?

A. This short summary will explain on the various home gardening systems currently available.

The secret-sauce material called 'Pafcal' is what helps our Plants and Herbs grow healthily and live for a very long time in an indoor environment.  Pafcal soil-less media are manufactured in Japan with trusted quality.

There are many different types of 'Special' Soil in the market which are marketed as having special properties for indoor use.  However, soil in any form will always have poor water-regulating abilities in indoor settings which lack natural rain-cycles and macro environmental influence.  As a result, the busy grower will tend to add more water during each session to reduce watering frequencies.  This causes the soil to be water-logged and is a sure way for the roots to drown, and mold to grow, especially in our humid tropical climate.  Roots drown because the excess water blocks oxygen from reaching them. 

Some Hybrid Systems attempt using fabrics to wick the water from a reservoir into the soil above.  However, the soil itself does not have water-regulating abilities, hence the water is confined to the immediate areas around the fabric.

Another type of system which has been commonly miniaturized and marketed for indoor-use is the Hydroponic System.  A hydroponic system is a system which eliminates the need for soil, and dangles the plant roots directly into the water.  However, a good hydroponic system works on the basis of good aeration of the water through a water pump, which overly-miniaturized system do not have.  This results in the roots not getting enough oxygen and the 'stale' water-logged media becoming a festering ground for mold.  Home hydroponic systems without water-pumps can actually still work, but a large volume of water per plant is necessary to provide adequate oxygen to the roots, although the space required is often not available for indoor areas.

Pafcal promotes eco-living and reduces the reliance on bulky and power-consuming gadgets.  Created from an 8 years R&D program, the soilless Pafcal undergoes a special manufacturing process which involves combining various organic plant material with a thin layer of polyurethane binder, to create the self-regulating soilless Pafcal.  Unlike a normal sponge, the Pafcal will absorb water and nutrients consistently throughout it's body from top to bottom.  It's unique properties will always allow an engineered ratio of oxygen to remain in its pores, never over-absorbing too much water.  This self-regulating advantage of the Pafcal leaves you with a peace-of-mind over your precious living plants, saving you hard-earned money and time with a long-lasting product that works indoors.  Most importantly, you'll enjoy a happy experience with indoor greenery. =)

This is why indoor Green Walls (also known as Vertical Greenery) worldwide, which use soilless Pafcal, have an unbelievably low plant mortality rate of less than 5% per year (i.e. less than 5% of total plants need to be replaced in a year), the lowest in any Green Wall system.  Our Midorie Frames are compact versions of these acclaimed Green Walls, and can be placed on the table-top or walls, for you to enjoy a stress-free greenery experience in your Home and Office.  Get yours now!