How To Plant Seeds

Midorie Garden seeds are harvested from one of the most reputable farms in the world, and have a very high germination rate.  It's perfect for anyone looking to get their virgin experience at growing herbs from seeds.


Step 1: Place Pafcal Bricks onto water for 1-2 minutes

Step 2: When the Pafcal Brick has turned a darker shade (with a slight increase in size), gently slide the seeds into the Pafcal Brick's slot (about 1-2mm) with your fingers, or any thin object.  Be careful not to let the seeds drop all the way into the slot, as it will delay the germination time.  If this happens, simply use a thin object to remove the seed and retry again.

Step 3: Slot the Pafcal Brick into the Pafcal Base, and watch your seedlings grow after a week or two!


- The Basil varieties germinate fast - within 1 week.  Plant 1 seed per Pafcal Brick.

- Parsley sprouts in around 2 weeks.  Plant 3 seeds per Pafcal Brick; after 2 months, keep the best-growing seedling, and remove the other 2.  This helps the remaining seedling to grow better with more space.

- The first set of 2 baby leaves are called cotyledon leaves.  These leaves are already packed with nutrients, waiting to spring into action inside the seed.  Feed the seedlings nutrients only after additional sets of leaves appear.