Our Story

Hello fellow Urbanite.

Have you ever been inspired to place a potted plant in the home or office, and found the plant withering from a lack of water after a stressful and busy week?  Or maybe an accidental knock-over of the pot left you despairing at the spilt grimy soil and muddy water .  Perhaps a squeamish encounter with a worm and some mold every now and then too.  And for some I'm-not-destined-to-keep-plants reason, even the plant in the terrarium is looking like it took a trip in the airplane cargo.

But wait, there is hope yet.  Enter the soilless Pafcal.

Pafcal_Syngonium Pink Strawberry

Pafcal is a special Japanese soil-replacement, which is able to regulate it's own water and air content over the week, keeping your indoor plants happy with minimal fuss. You can place them anywhere (even on the wall!) as no soil will spill out.  No power-source is required, so you won't have to worry about electrical fires from overheating 24/7.

Plants add a splash of color and vibrancy to indoor environments.  Studies have shown that plants help us to perform better with better concentration and memory-boosts.  It even benefits our health by lowering blood-pressure levels in the office.

You can now enjoy all these goodness, fuss-free, in a beautiful Japanese-inspired compact Midorie frame with soilless plants.  Water them just once a week, and let soilless Pafcal do the rest.

Thank you for dropping by, and we hope you'll enjoy Urban Plants!


p.s. What's in the Name?

"Midorie" was derived from the Japanese words "to green" (midori means green and e means to).  The name was conceived by Suntory (Japan), with the idea of bringing green spaces to urban landscapes.  Suntory is collaborating with the National University of Singapore (NUS) in a joint-research to use Pafcal for driving Singapore's City-in-a-Garden vision to the next level.